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Amazing Rick Simpson Oil Treats Prostate Cancer, Story below…

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Amazing Rick Simpson Oil Treats Prostate Cancer, Story below…

RSO Patient Finds Parkinson's Relief


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The Rick Simpson Oil Cancer Cure

The most incredible stories often start in the most unexpected ways. Rick Simpson created an oil that cured his own skin cancer! Since his miraculous discovery, so many people have benefitted from the Rick Simpson Oil Cancer Cure by treating their own cancers of varying types; from brain, to lung, breast, prostate, liver cancer and many, many more.

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Maybe you’ve already heard that RSO is an effective treatment for your particular ailment, or maybe you’re just curious to find out more. The good news is RSO has endless potential to curing health problems, and more and more uses are being discovered every day! There’s a very real possibility that RSO can work to rid you of your disease for good! Now that’s really something to get excited about.

Thousands upon thousands of people are currently using Rick Simpson Oil to help with the following problems:

  • burns and other skin related problems 
  • cancer
  • seizures
  • burns
  • asthma
  • addiction
  • multiple sclerosis
  • glaucoma
  • PTSD and many more!

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Rick Simpson Oil Treats Prostate Cancer

Stephen, aged 55, is given 5 years to live and successfully drops his PSA with the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol.

Here’s his story.

Initially visiting a nurse practitioner with complaints of pain during urination, Stephen was at first told that his symptoms are a result of his “coming of age”. When the painful problem persisted, Stephen knew something was up went for a second opinion with a doctor.

The doctor opted for a prostate exam and exclaimed at the finding of a firm mass on the left side. Stephen was told to come back in a month to have it checked out. A month later, there was a now a firm lump on the right side as well. He was told to see an urologist for a biopsy, but there was a wait list of 4 months.

I told the doctor, that’s a long time – I need this done now!”

The doctor told Stephen not to worry, as prostate cancer is a slow growing disease, so he said it wouldn’t matter if he got the biopsy done now or in six months. He was wrong. It did matter. 

Stephen was diagnosed with a rare, advanced and aggressive cancer found in only 5% of cases.

From a 12-needle biopsy, all 12 needles were malignant, showing 100% readings across the board. The doctors were concerned it was a cancer that had passed the protective lining of the prostate bed of all of Stephen’s lower organs. The doctor then tested his PSA score and found that it was elevated at a 7.4.

Stephen sought out advice from numerous other doctors; at UCSF in San Francisco, California, Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, California, the American Cancer Treatment Center of America in Arizona and the Huntsman Cancer Center in Utah.

They wanted to treat his condition with a double dose of radiation and, despite the treatment, they guaranteed the cancer would come back within five years due to the rare and aggressive nature of this particular disease.

“I told the oncologist and radiologist – so let me get this straight – you’re going to fry one side of my liver and flip it like a burger and fry the other side?! I don’t think so! I’m not going to do that.”

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