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Amazing RSO Prostate Cancer Survivor, Read Below..

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  • 70% THC or Higher in our RSO
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About Us and RSO

The team at Rick Simpson Oil California is here to offer you our support in your quest for health. We’re a group of individuals that have been affected by Cancer, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Migraines, Anxiety and other dreadful diseases, so we have experienced the benefits of RSO first hand, through countless hours of research, trial and error.

We are here to guide you and your family through the healing process of your dreaded disease with the use of the incredible, low cost Rick Simpson Oil. We’ve worked with countless customers to produce amazing results, and we’re so excited to share this extraordinary solution with you! We believe once you learn more about this amazing natural healing medicine you will again have new hope that you can live a normal life again. Although we can’t guarantee you any results we encourage you to read other people’s testimonials using Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

We’re here to make sure you’re getting the right information on Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Full Extract Cannabis Oil, Made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. We bring you the most accurate and up to date information on where to purchase Rick Simpson oil and how to take it to heal your disease effectively. So you can focus on getting better. We offer a lot of great RSO support to our customers.

rick simpson oil cancer

Read Jerry’s Amazing Cancer Surviving Story, Below..

Where Can You Buy Rick Simpson Oil?

Right here! Rick Simpson Oil California is a trusted provider of high quality RSO. The best part is that it comes with full support while you get used to taking it. We provide:

  • High quality, California-grown RSO
  • Provided as either straight RSO oil or RSO oil in suppository form
  • 24/7 Support throughout the entire process of your recovery
  • Instructions on how to take the right way for you
We’ve Got Your RSO Back

You can use RSO in a proactive matter, even if you are perfectly healthy and just want to make sure you stay that way, RSO is great option for you too. Our main goal is to keep everyone happy and healthy, without the use of pharmaceutical methods, all thanks to a great man named, Rick Simpson!

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rick simpson oil cancer
Will Rick Simpson Oil Work For Your Disease?

Maybe you’ve already heard that RSO is an effective treatment for your particular ailment, or maybe you’re just curious to find out more. The good news is RSO has endless potential to curing health problems, and more and more uses are being discovered every day! There’s a very real possibility that RSO can work to rid you of your disease for good! Now that’s really something to get excited about.

Thousands upon thousands of people are currently using Rick Simpson Oil to help with the following problems:

  • burns and other skin related problems
  • Cancer
  • Parkinsons
  • Seizures
  • Burns
  • Asthma
  • Addiction
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Glaucoma
  • PTSD and many more!

Please make sure you take the time to read the success of our other customers and please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

RSO Patient Finds Parkinson’s Relief

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rick simpson oil cancer

The Rick Simpson Cancer Cure

The most incredible stories often start in the most unexpected ways. Rick Simpson created an oil that cured his own skin cancer! Since his miraculous discovery, so many people have benefitted from the Rick Simpson Oil Cancer Cure by treating their own cancers of varying types; from brain, to lung, breast, prostate, liver cancer and many, many more.

Take a Sigh of Relief 

Your new found health is on the horizon. Rick Simpson Oil has produced amazing results in the lives of so many sufferers from all stages of very serious diseases. So there’s no reason why it can’t work for you too. We’ll bring you incredible stories of recovery, with clear guidelines on how to get there yourself, along with fantastic support throughout your recovery process.

Rick Simpson on the history of the medicinal use of cannabis

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rick simpson oil cancer
rick simpson oil cancer
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Rick Simpson Oil for Sale, Call Now: (714) 293-8479

Rick Simpson Oil Treats Jerry’s Prostate Cancer

Jerry, age 75, refuses chemotherapy and successfully drops his PSA readings from 650 to 0.2 with the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol.

 Here’s his story.

Jerry is 75 years old from Oregon. He was having difficulty with intimacy and with urinating, but he chalked it up to old age. But on one difficult day, he finally visited the ER where he was catheterized and diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After some testing, the urologist emphasized that, without chemotherapy, the cancer would advance. Jerry met with an oncologist who discussed the drug Taxotere that would be used in the chemo, as well as the drug’s side effects. But Jerry was not satisfied, and he was not ready to commit to such a severe option. He knew he needed to get a second opinion.

So Jerry did some research on Taxotere and was horrified by the results.

The side effects included tiredness, hair and fingernail loss, nausea and vomiting, pain, and loss of appetite. Along with the horrible effects, Jerry knew that the cancer could easily come back after chemo.

“I didn’t like what I heard, and I didn’t think I would survive the program. What would happen during flu season?”

When he refused chemo and suggested some alternative options, the neurologist covered his ears and said, “I don’t want to hear about it”. But Jerry’s wife had heard about all of the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil through a friend years ago, and he decided to give it a shot. It has been 10 months since he began taking RSO in suppository form, which he prefers to the oil because it offers a fuller benefit.

In the last 10 months of taking RSO, his PSA readings have been drastically reduced.

Read more..  OR CALL: (714) 293-8479

Is This The Game Changer We have been looking for?

Medical marijuana is the new buzzword in the health industry. And to be specific, we are alluding to the highly potent cannabis oil extract better known as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. 

Rick Simpson Oil has taken the world by storm, there are so many great stories that people have shared with their experience with medical marijuana.

Rick Simpson’s Legacy

Rick Simpson was the first to propose the use of cannabis oil as a cure for cancer. Having used cannabis oil in the past to alleviate symptoms of tinnitus, he used a topical application of concentrated cannabis oil to successfully treat basal cell carcinoma. He was diagnosed with this rare form of skin cancer in 2003. Since then he has been spreading the word on the medicinal benefits of cannabis oil

How does it help?

The concentrate has not only helped beat cancer in some people, but has also proved beneficial in the treatment of other health conditions. Users have reported positive results for rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, depression, Insomnia, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, migraines, Crohn’s disease and more.

Given its potential to improve cancer symptoms and offer relief from other diseases, the demand for RSO has increased dramatically. There is a downside to this. The market is flooded with fake and substandard Rick Simpson oil products as many try to make a quick buck.

If you are worried about where to buy authentic Rick Simpson oil, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Rick Simpson Oil (RSO test results) available at the best possible prices

That’s not it! There are more reasons for you to choose us.


Right Concentrations

CBD oil is often marketed as RSO oil. It is not the same. The efficacy of the latter depends on the proportion of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in the extract. THC is higher in Rick Simpson Oil. Our Rick Simpson Oil product contains THC concentrations at 70% or higher.

Pure and Authentic

Using fake Rick Simpson oil is not only ineffective it can also be dangerous. We’ve established ourselves as trusted and knowledgeable RSO provider.

We assure you of a 100% authentic,effective product.

The RSO product line-up includes oral and suppository doses. Our RSO formulas are prepared from the finest Indica strains grown and harvested in California. We also conduct stringent, period checks for quality maintenance.

Building hope through support

A dreaded disease diagnosis can be a devastating one to receive, and the gut punching words from a doctor who says there is nothing else he or she can do for you, can make you feel like giving up on life. Many of our customers have shared with us their AMAZING stories.

Many of our team members have personally used Rick Simpson Oil as a solution for their illness. We’ve experienced first-hand the positive effects of the extract and hence would like fellow-patients to benefit too. We’ve been supporting countless cancer survivors in their journey towards health.

Our support goes beyond selling a product. We understand how the right information at the right time can make a difference.

Here, we strive to bring you up to speed on RSO.

So, whether you need advice on the use of RSO or are unsure of the best form for you or simply don’t know where to buy rick Simpson cannabis oil, just give us a call. Our dedicated customer support staff will answer all your questions regarding Rick Simpson Oil.

Our reviews speak for us…

Many of our customers have benefitted from the Rick Simpson oil Protocol. It has proved effective for a variety of cancers and Parkinson’s. We’ve shared a few anecdotal stories so that others may have hope too.

A treatment for Parkinson’s

Julie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The physical symptoms were distressing. An increase in the tremors impeded her ability to work and control her bodily movements. Research on possible solutions led her to use Cannabidiol (CBD) but the results were far from positive. Driven by hopelessness, she decided to use Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Parkinson’s).

Much to her surprise Julie reported a significant improvement in her condition. RSO not only reduced the shaking but also eased the pain. Julie claims that the extract also helped with her memory loss problems.

Overcoming breast cancer

It doesn’t stop there. Breast-cancer survivor, Minnie makes a case for our Rick Simpson oil protocol too.

Having spotted a fast-growing tumour in her breast, the 65-year-old grandmother decided to have herself tested. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and a 19.5cm malignant phyllodes tumour. After having excised the tumour, Minnie chose to forgo radiation therapy and chose instead to use Rick Simpson oil. With a regular dosage of RSO, Minnie claims feeling better; she has lost weight, sleeps well and feels more energised, learn more about Minnie’s story.

Doctor’s stamp of approval

Back in the days for many doctors, medical marijuana use to be just an illegal substance and hence they cancel it out as a treatment option.

But Dr. David Casarett votes in favour of it. His TED Talks shed light on his research on medical marijuana. He also speaks about how patient feedback changed his perception of the use of marijuana as a possible treatment option.

So, if you are tired of having to pop in anti-inflammatories for your arthritis or are just seeking relief from your symptoms, get in touch with us for your order of Rick Simpson Oil. Call us at: (714) 293-8479